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Five Stocks to Consider When Investing in the Diabetes Market

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impairs our body’s ability to produce insulin or use it to create energy from the food we eat. The inability to make or use insulin results in increased glucose levels in the blood or hyperglycaemia. Unfortunately, diabetes is a health condition that affects millions of people around the world.

2022: A Challenging Year for Tech Stocks

Central Banks around the world have been increasing interest rates, including the Federal Reserve (Fed) in the US, which has increased interest rates five times this year already and may increase it again in the near future if Fed Chair Powell’s hawkish stance doesn’t change.

5 Incredible Facts About Copper

The word “copper” comes from the Roman term aes Cyprium, “metal of Cyprus,” shortened to cyprium and later corrupted to cuprum. Keep reading for 5 more incredible facts about this critical metal from the Kinvestor Network.

An Overview of Investing in Graphite Stocks

Many major producers are private companies in places such as China; however, many publicly traded companies are also involved in the mining and exploration of graphite. Here are five prominent graphite stocks available on public markets.