Commodity Culture: Silver


Silver has been used as a form of currency by humanity throughout civilization, stretching back to the rise, and eventual fall, of the Roman Empire. Although most people tend to think of silver as gold’s poor sibling, the stunning truth is that silver is the second most used resource on planet earth, with only king oil standing above it in the commodity hierarchy.

Silver plays a critical role in the construction of all kinds of infrastructure and is a key component in the generation of electricity. Suffice to say, without silver, we would live in a very different and probably less technologically advanced, world.

On today’s episode, we set out to learn the origins and applications of the world’s oldest money. From the techniques of the silver mining profession, to the multitude of products made with silver, to the history of the collapse of Rome, under the weight of government counterfeiting, as they turned their back on silver.

A collaboration between Kinvestor and Commodity Culture.

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