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Kin Communications is pleased to advise that Graphite One Resources Inc. (TSX-V:GPH / OTCQX:GPHOF) was featured in Stockhouse.

An excerpt as well as a link to the complete article can be found below.

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Innovative Graphite One (V.GPH) CEO looks ahead at transformative year

It may surprise you to know that despite the demand for graphite, as of 2014, there were only two countries in North America which produced it: Canada and Mexico. The United States is wholly dependent on importing graphite to satisfy its needs for this allotropic form of carbon used, among other things, in refractories, as a solid lubricant, in pencils and as a moderator in nuclear reactors. More recently, graphite has grabbed the global spotlight over its use in lithium-ion batteries. The green revolution is upon us and Tesla’s construction of a gigafactory to produce the batteries necessary for the production of its line of electric cars and “Powerwalls” will require as much flake graphite as is currently produced globally. This impending radical increase in demand emphasizes the importance of being able to source graphite locally rather than depending on global producers such as China and Brazil. As a result, domestic junior miners in the graphite space are scrambling to be part of Tesla’s supply chain.


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