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Five Stocks to Consider When Investing in the Diabetes Market

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impairs our body’s ability to produce insulin or use it to create energy from the food we eat. The inability to make or use insulin results in increased glucose levels in the blood or hyperglycaemia. Unfortunately, diabetes is a health condition that affects millions of people around the world.

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NuGen M.D. Announces Middle East Distribution Agreements With Minimum Commitments of Over $2.5 Million for its InsuJet™ Needle-Free Injection Device

NuGen M.D. is pleased to announce that it has signed two 5-year distribution agreements for two specific territories in the Middle East to distribute its InsuJet™ needle-free injection device and recurring components, providing better access and improving the self-care of diabetics who require insulin injections to manage their glucose levels and stay alive. 

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Nugen sets its sights on US and Mexican type 1 diabetes markets

A needle-free injection system for patients with diabetes developed by Nugen Medical Devices Inc. has been approved for use in 40 countries but until now has yet to crack the North American market. Nugen said it is now gearing up for FDA and Mexican approval of the Nugen MD needle-free injector following Health Canada’s approval of the system less than a month after the Toronto med tech went public in late 2021.

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